Wednesday, 5 May 2010

OK, I'm well past due another post.

I suppose this is going to turn into a kind of random story blog, since I just started writing a little (or big) story during lunch at work. The night before I got to thinking of the start and it has come out well. There are also other stories previously written I can post so I have some backup material if things go quiet.

But no spoilers for that story now, what I can tell you is how I chose the name of this blog.

I, am an avid player for the MMORPG Age of Conan.

I've been playing since launch and I am still with a good, friendly Guild.

The Guild has it's own forum and a few months ago someone started a Role Playing thread. After a few posts from various others I made my own and enjoyed the chance to create a story for my characters in the game. The thread is huge now and we regularly swap sections of stories that tie into each other. It's basically as twisted as a Lost episode!

Now, after posting my latest tribute to the story, I decided to start a side story to help explain a little about my characters ability as a barbarian.

I called the story the Art of Rage, and I will post it after I form an intro for it as it needs a bit of explaining for non-players and those who don't read our RP thread.

So for now, stay tuned. :)


  1. No sign of Conan in any of the stories yet, he is sitting on his throne with a troubled brow, deciding on his next hootsmon headline. :)