Thursday, 1 April 2010


Well, at about 2:18am on the 2nd of April, I got bored.

From a very influencial uncle who has his own blog (and will be plugged), I finally decided to make a page.

I'm just opening the page for now so I'm still unsure whats going on here.

Until then, I will just begin with a howdy-do.


  1. Well heowdy do to you too... erm that's a month, plus ou moins, you've had to work out what's going on here... any chance you'd share it with us...

    Your influential uncle is some dude, so it'll probably be not half bad!:))!

  2. He's not listening Conan....

  3. Well hello!

    Your right, I have not been listening, kind of forgot I made this.

    Post will be forthwith.

  4. Righty oh then... We await forthwith with....erm...impatience. :-)